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Wind power application


As a clean energy that will not produce carbon dioxide that can lead to greenhouse effect, wind power generation is rapidly popularized in all countries.

Large wind turbines (windmills) are giant machines. Many 2MW wind power generation equipment under construction now have windmill blades about 40 meters long, rotating shafts 60 to 100 meters high and a total weight of no less than 200 tons. Therefore, the bearings used in windmills must also be large, with an inner diameter ranging from 100 mm to 700 mm. Some models need bearings with an inner diameter of nearly 2 meters. There are only 6 manufacturers that can stably supply such large bearings to the market. The wind turbine industry is now a rapidly developing industry. Therefore, in addition to bearing manufacturing, marketing activities and technical services in major outlets are important conditions.

Since the mid-1990s, the European windmill industry, which monopolized the market position at that time, began to get involved in this field. Now, it also supplies such bearings to the United States and India. Bearings are fully recognized by users in the wind turbine market. At present, many windmill manufacturers use our bearings. Therefore, they are making contributions to the protection of the earth's environment.

Special bearings for wind turbines require high reliability. This is because the design premise of this bearing is to ensure that the windmill operates for 20 years, and the parts are not easy to replace in case of failure. (when the bearing is tens of meters away from the ground).

Therefore, bearing manufacturers require a high degree of computer analysis technology and exquisite skills in materials and heat treatment, and sometimes need to master the test and evaluation technology of large bearing objects.

For all the above requirements, it has high strength in the bearing industry. In addition, we also meet the expectations of the market by continuously promoting the development of these strengths.

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