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Motor bearing application


Motors are used as power sources in all industries. Our bearings are widely used in the rotating part of the motor. While supporting smooth and quiet rotation, they can also play an important role in bearing the load carried by the motor.

In the development of power source electrification, in order to meet the needs from environmental protection to more strict low energy loss and achieve long life with high reliability, high-function bearings with core technology, namely tribology technology, are continuously introduced. Low energy loss technology and long-life technology are forces that can contribute to the protection of the earth's environment. We will also take mastering these technologies as an important mission in the future and continue to promote relevant work.

Since its establishment, the company has carried out extensive sales of deep groove ball bearings as its main products. In particular, this kind of bearing is a necessary part of the motor. In addition to reducing the friction loss caused by shaft rotation, the bearing also effectively uses the core technology in various fields such as precision machining, grease, new materials and so on. Through their own long-term experience in deep groove ball bearings, we will continue to make efforts for the high-level development of bearing functions and constantly meet the needs of the times and the market.

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