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Application of papermaking machinery


In recent years, in order to improve production efficiency, paper machines are developing at high speed and wide width. In addition, in order to reduce the shutdown caused by accidental failure, the bearings used in paper machines are required to have higher reliability.

With a series of products that can meet these needs, all parts of the paper production line are equipped with bearings. In particular, the TL (tough & long life) bearing developed by the applied material heat treatment technology and the self-aligning roller bearing developed by integrating the comprehensive ability of material technology, design technology and manufacturing technology play an important role in supporting the paper industry.

In the future, we will continue to develop high reliability bearings closely related to improving production efficiency, and always contribute to the development of the paper industry.

Due to the high temperature of the roll bearing, the steam used in the roll bearing is dry. Therefore, the bearing will be stripped early due to insufficient formation of lubricating oil film, creep caused by aging due to long-term high-temperature use, and the matching stress will increase due to the temperature difference between the shaft and the inner ring, resulting in cracks in the inner ring of the bearing. In particular, the inner ring crack will cause major accidents leading to shutdown. As a countermeasure to these problems, through the special carbonitriding treatment of the material, a high hardness and long-life "TL (tough & long life) bearing" which improves the cracking resistance of the inner ring and has dimensional stability at high temperature is developed. This TL bearing has good reliability among similar products. As a special bearing for hydraulic cylinder roll of drying department, it has established a stable position in the market.

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