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Spring "nuoyang bearing" website goes online to the future


In order to firmly establish the product image and cognition in the industry, today (March 15, 2022), the Chinese and English version of nuoyang bearing website is Cn officially launched!

As the most important member of the online publicity and promotion of nuoyang bearing, it will shoulder the mission of "connecting China and foreign countries and facing the world" for 365 days and 24 hours. Release "industry news, bearing knowledge, technological innovation, company news" and other comprehensive information to customers at home and abroad.

www.dnyzc. Cn can be adapted to computers and a variety of mobile terminals, reflecting multi terminal compatibility and interactivity.

From the style determination, page design, text and picture content collection, screening, concentration, proofreading, website debugging and online, the website embodies the efforts and support of leaders of nuoyang company and colleagues of Bailian bearing network, and carries the dream and expectation of digital sea marketing of nuoyang bearing.

Click "www.dnyzc. CN" to find the product you want!

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